Fuel Dock

Here at BIP we offer services at two locations to fuel up any type of vessel through pipeline.
Both locations offer Diesel LS and Gasoline.

1. BIP French Harbour location:

Located in French Harbour, on the South-Central shore line
Lat: 16*20'28.1436" N
Lon: 86*28'23.0988" W

Accommodates ships up to 200ft with a draft of 16'

2. BIP Gibson Bight Marina:

Located in West End, on the North-West shore line
Lat:16*19'0.5808" N
Lon: 86*34'56.28" W

Accommodates ships up to 100ft with a draft of 8'

Operating Hours are from 7am to 5pm. After hour services are available, just call ahead!

Telephone: +504 9452-6141